Who is Mara & Why this Blog: A Welcome Post

Welcome to Mara’s World! A world where parents are fulfilled and supported, which empowers them to provide their children with unconditional love, wise guidance, fascinating stimulation, and joyful secure roots.

Rosie the Riveter's GranddaughterWho is Mara?

If you have already checked out our about page you know that Mara is not a real person. Mara is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. However Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying that “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”

Mara is any one of us – empowered and at our best. She expands our vision and facilitates our creativity. You can think of her as your archetype of the perfect modern-day parent, whomever that may be in your mind’s eye. In my mind she is self-assured and soft-hearted, well supported, and is a passionate protector of her own wellbeing and her children’s confidence and joy. What is most important is that I can look to her and find the ideas, creativity, and cheerleading that I sometimes need along the way in my own parenting journey, while simultaneously avoiding the pitfalls that accompany self comparison with real-life parents and experts in the parenting world.

Why this Blog?

Well, Mara isn’t real, but we certainly are! We (Deb, Ross, and Jane) are the creators of Mara’s World. We have little ones ourselves, and our daily life is filled with the challenges, monotonies, wonders, and affections shared by parents everywhere. In the articles we write for Mara’s World we strive to share thoughtful and current evidence-based information in a thorough way – a type of writing that takes time and a professional objectivity. This blog is a place for us to share our more personal side. We are people with opinions, reactions, thoughts to share, and so on, and sometimes our mind is simply thinking about what to make for dinner.  We offer this blog as a place to connect person to person, to discuss current events, share ideas, and address the practical little details we all need to take care of.

We invite our readers to become a community here and on our facebook page… get to know us and one another though your comments and sharing of your own. While archetypes are good for vision, real people are good friends. We are so grateful for each of you – parents out there who are making the world a wonderful place. We hope that you find Mara’s World a place you can come to not only for answers, but also for a good chat, a new idea, or a place to share your own successes and ideas. Welcome!

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