MarasWorld’s Top 6 Breastfeeding Resources

There is no need to re-invent the wheel and flood the world with more information when excellent, high quality breastfeeding resources already exist. I highly recommend these web sites for breastfeeding answers, advice, and inspiration! – This is my all around favorite go-to for nursing moms. This breastfeeding resource has fabulous technique advice, both how to latch the baby onto the breast and how to track or schedule feeds. The site also provides answers to a huge array of common breastfeeding questions and challenges. You will find milk storage guidelines, answers to your questions about pumping and bottle feeding, and more.

Best for Babes

Best for Babes – This site does a fabulous job of laying out the ways that our culture is not particularly supportive of breastfeeding. Support and advice are two different things! And while the recommendation to breastfeed is finally strong and clear, for which I am thrilled, many moms find it difficult to do in our complex world. If you feel like you don’t want to breastfeed, this is a great site for you. You will find understanding and helpful advice for how to acknowledge your needs and feelings and make a decision you feel good about. If you are nervous about breastfeeding in public or at work, afraid of what breastfeeding will do to your breasts, or unsure if the benefits of breastfeeding are really all they are cracked up to be, this is a great breastfeeding resource for you. If you are highly committed to breastfeeding but nervous about it due to stories of women who wanted to breastfeed and weren’t able to, this site is also for you! It will help you avoid the many pitfalls in our culture that undermine breastfeeding confidence and ease.

Tom Hale – Infant Risk Center

Tom Hale – Infant Risk Center – A great breastfeeding resource for any mothers who are navigating the world of medications and breastfeeding. Whether for control of chronic and serious conditions, or for acute short term illness and injury, many breastfeeding mothers rely on medications from time to time. This site and the research team behind it can provide some of the most accurate information on the safety of medications for the breastfed baby. They have a helpline you can call, as well as forums for healthcare providers and mothers with specific health conditions. Their blog is also a great source for current breastfeeding related research.

Jack Newman, BreastFeeding, Inc.

Jack Newman, BreastFeeding, Inc – A more difficult site to navigate, but once you find what you are looking for the information is wonderful. (The link provided takes you to their breastfeeding resource page.) It covers topics related to breastfeeding challenges such as nipple pain, thrush (yeast), supply concerns, and breast refusal. If you find yourself experiencing hardship, reaching out to a local breastfeeding professional is my first suggestion. When that isn’t an option or fails to help, you may find some insight here. – A great little site with practical, concise tips. You won’t be lost here for hours, and you will learn everything you need to know to be prepared to pump at work.

Linda the Bra Lady, Hotmilk Lingerie

Linda the Bra Lady or Hotmilk Lingerie – Finding the right nursing bra can make a big difference! (I offer 5 tips to help you do just that in the article I linked to.) These online bra boutiques are geared specifically toward nursing moms.

Breastfeeding Resources For Dads/Partners

There really isn’t a one-stop shop uniquely for the non-breastfeeding parent, but a partner’s involvement, passion, and dedication are absolutely fundamental. maintains an index of fabulous articles about Fathers and Breastfeeding. Dad’s offers concise, practical, sage advice, albeit sexist and stereotypical. This blog post (from the web archive) is a fine piece of frank sharing about what it takes to be a support when breastfeeding gets tough, and why it matters so much.

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