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I love referring people to a great book – which is why I’ve included book recommendations on Mara’s World. If I were to get to know you, I would ask questions about your feelings and hopes about your upcoming birth, how your pregnancy is going, and what areas of preparation you are interested in, such as pregnancy nutrition, relationship changes and family patterns, self-care, preparing to give birth, or learning more about newborns or parenting. This helps me know what type of reading would benefit you. Client’s answers help me make the book recommendations perfect for them.

Since you are receiving this information passively, without the benefit of a conversation, I’ve tried to include information in my recommendations that will help you gain an idea of both what the book contains and what questions or needs it is particularly good at addressing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down with a woman a few weeks after her birth, listened to her story, and learned that it was one little idea she came across in a book that really helped her work through contractions. The same is sometimes true of parenting breakthroughs. A good book is an incredible resource and book recommendations are a great way to find the right one.

Scanning the popular titles is another way to choose a book. Our article on the top 35 best-selling pregnancy books is a great tool to help you find a good resource if you go that route.

Enjoy these book recommendations – I hope they help you find a gem!

What To Read When You Are Pregnant

What To Read When You Are Pregnant

Are you wondering what to read when you are pregnant? Some pregnant women seem to sleep best beside a massive pile of books. Ironically, seeing as I spend a lot of time writing material for pregnant women, I find myself often counseling women to read less rather than more. Or rather “read smarter, not harder.” […]