Baby Feeding Essentials: Breast Pumps, High Chairs & Accessories

Part 2 of my “must have” baby products covers things you use to feed your baby: breast pumps, high chairs, and other baby feeding accessories. If you haven’t seen my other “must have” product guides, part 1 covers baby carriers, infant sleep aids, infant seats & car seats and part 3 covers baby skin care products.

Breast Pumps

Medela makes a great breast pump.
The Medela “Pump in Style” makes a great breast pump.

There are as many different breast pumps as there are any other baby products! Like most things, the prices and abilities will vary. If you are not planning on pumping often, then a simple hand pump will serve most of your functions and save you a lot of money. Let’s face it, pumping is not really something that you will want to do a ton of unless you have to pump. If you plan on returning to work and need to be able to supply your baby with breastmilk during the times when you are away, then invest in a great pump with a powerful motor. The idea here is to minimize the number of minutes that you are sitting down pumping, and maximize the amount of breastmilk you can get during that short period of time! Here’s where making an investment is well worth it. Medela makes a few really great high powered pumps that will certainly be worth your while. The Medela “Pump in Style” will serve you quite well. However, if you really want an efficient pump that is truly hands-free (attaches to your nursing bra!), make the splurge for the Medela “Freestyle”. I also found the Medela freezer storage bags to be invaluable for storing pumped milk.

High Chairs

My favorite high chair.
My favorite high chair.

It may seem a bit of a way off for your new baby to be sitting up and eating a meal in a highchair, but believe me, those days are right around the corner! Investing in a good quality high chair is probably worth your while, but there are many ways to get around spending a ton of money. One of my favorite inventions is the Fisher Price space saver chair. It’s wonderful because it fits on a regular dining chair, has a removable tray, and can be used as a booster seat (down the line). It’s inexpensive, but will certainly replace your need for another large piece of furniture. And, it’s really easily portable for travel! If you would prefer to spend a bit more, and get a piece of furniture, then I would recommend a highchair that can convert to a toddler chair as your child grows. This will save you having to purchase yet another item in a couple of years. Oxo makes a great one, as does Keekaroo.

Baby Feeding Accessories

I could go on for days about all the baby accessory products that I like, but I will try to keep it just to a few feeding essential accessories! For homemade baby food storage, I love the Fresh Baby cube trays. They are BPA-free and have a nice spill-proof lid. There are many sippy cups on the market. I feel like my family has tried just about all of them. Our favorite seem to be the Safe Sippy II. They have been sturdy, easy to use and clean, and are stainless steel (so no BPA problems). I like the Munchkin baby spoons because they’re cheap, they last, and are BPA-free. Emily Green makes really wonderful toddler utensils that are very durable, and my kids love using them because they’re fun, but also like “grown-up” utensils. Beaba toddler cups are wonderful because of their very sturdy, tip-over-limiting base!  Oxo tot bowls and plates are great, as are Boon.

This is a partial list of my baby product recommendations. Parts 1 and 3 cover baby carriers, infant sleep aids, infant seats & car seats and baby skin care products.

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