Get Rid of Baby Acne

Baby Acne
To get rid of baby acne, mom can drink a tea to support health liver function.

Are you wondering how to get rid of baby acne? One possible solution for breast-fed babies is herbal liver support for mom. Here are instructions for an infusion you can use as a home remedy to get rid of baby acne! I used this to treat baby acne when my third daughter broke out in a pretty intense case.  Her skin was dramatically better in two days. I continued drinking the tea for a full week.

I have also had moms use this tea, with good results, for a variety of unexplainable rashes on themselves during and after pregnancy. Always have a rash checked out by your healthcare provider, and whenever using herbs medicinally, check with your doctor or midwife about any possibly interactions with other medications you take.

Baby Acne Brew

You will need dandelion root, lemongrassred raspberry  and nettles. Herbs are cheapest bought in bulk and Starwest Botanicals is my favorite place to buy bulk herbs. (The links I’ve provided for the herbs point there.)  If they don’t have what I need, I try Mountain Rose Herbs. Herbs can also be bought in bags, like these nettle tea bags. I find herbs so useful during the childbearing year and to use with my kids, that it’s worth purchasing a tea pot equipped with an infuser. I like this tea pot because it’s all glass,  beautiful, and the lid makes it easy to combine loose and bagged teas if I need to.

Instructions for the Baby Acne Brew:

  1. Bring about 32 oz of fresh filtered water to a boil.
  2. Place a child’s handful each of loose dandelion root, red raspberry, nettles and lemongrass into the infuser (alternatively use about 4 inches of fresh lemon grass – delicious!)
  3. Allow the boiling water to cool just a moment so it is hot but not boiling, and then poor over the loose herbs.
  4. Set a timer for 15 min.
  5. Remove the infuser after at least 15 min have gone by. (If using fresh lemongrass, I like to leave it in the pot and allow the lemon grass flavor to get stronger.)
  6. Drink hot or cold throughout the day! It takes about 4 cups of tea per day to effectively get rid of baby acne. Tea will last in the fridge for about 2 days.

If you like your teas sweetened add sweetener when they are still hot. Be sure to squeeze water from both your tea bags and the loose leaf teas. This is the water that really contains the good stuff!  If you find this tea a little too bitter or earthly for your taste trying buying the nettles in bag form.  Allow everything to steep for 10 min, and then remove the nettle bags while allowing the rest of the brew to continue to steep.  Nettles develop a bitter flavor when steeped longer than 10 min.

Remember! Teas should not be given directly to your baby. Mom drinks the tea, and the baby benefits through the nutrients that go into her breast milk.

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