The Pregnant Body Book

The Pregnant Body Book
  • Book Title: The Pregnant Body Book
  • Author:
  • Number of Pages: 256
  • Publisher: DK ADULT
  • Date Published: May 30, 2011
  • ISBN: 0756675596
  • Available on Kindle: No

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The Pregnant Body Book is really quite remarkable in its recounting of the fascinating details of pregnancy biology from conception through labor and birth. There are illustrations, which I found amazing, and a lot of photographs. The photographs are often magnified. This coffee-table sized book has many full-page images.

There seem to be two reactions to intrauterine photographs like the ones in The Pregnant Body Book – awe or a squeamish distaste for the alien-like fetal images. Normally I am the first. I’ve always loved biology and find pregnancy one of the most incredible and awe-inspiring examples of the miracle that is life. Given that fact, I should have loved this book full of fascinating biological facts and incredible photographs. Somehow, after reading this book, I feel more like the latter. It left me feeling a bit off in my stomach. “It’s too much,” my husband said. I have to agree – at least when read cover to cover all at once.

There are also sections in The Pregnant Body Book that provide scientific explanations of medical technology utilized for pregnancy monitoring and labor management. The emphasis is on explanation of the function rather than a discussion of the benefits or risks associated with use in different situations. The final pages are dedicated to newborns and offer incredible detail about baby’s anatomy and physiology.

If you’re looking for a fully illustrated description of life in the womb and beyond, you will love this fascinating book. This type of information is distinct from books meant to help you understand how to prepare for labor, birth, and parenting, or informing you of your options. The Pregnant Body Book‘s role is in connection and intrigue. It can increase your respect and awe for all that is occurring in your family just now.

For people who like biology or who can better connect to the baby when the baby feels more real, this book may bring some lovely warm moments into your life. I encourage you to take it in small chunks. Look at a few pages and then sit back, close your eyes, and imagine your own baby. Spend time considering what life might be like for them, or sharing your dreams for them. Talk to your baby. The miracle within is just as formed and incredible as what you have seen in the pages of The Pregnancy Body Book.

The Pregnant Body Book’s Authors, DK Publishing

DK Publishing is an international publishing company that is based in the Unite Kingdom and specializes in illustrated reference books.

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