From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal

From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal
  • Book Title: From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal
  • Author:
  • Number of Pages: 96
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks
  • Date Published: March 5, 2013
  • ISBN: 1402278136
  • Available on Kindle: No

From Pea to Pumpkin's Rating

Reading this book will help you be:

Empowered 0 Healthier 2 Happier 3 Prepared for Birth 2

Low star ratings don’t necessarily mean a bad book – From Pea to Pumpkin simply isn’t written for the same purposes as my ratings. I review books to help people find empowering birth literature. This journal is written to help people bond with their unborn baby and create a keepsake that will one day be a touching gift as your child grows.

I have reviewed quite a few pregnancy journals. Some, such as The Pregnancy Journal, are best suited for passionate scrap-bookers who want to capture their pregnancy memories. Others, like The What to Expect Pregnancy Journal & Organizer are designed like planners to help expectant parents become organized and prepare for birth and postpartum. Some provide a space to write about your birth in great detail, whereas others simply prompt a recording of the data such as weight, length etc.

From Pea to Pumpkin meets yet another purpose in a journal format. This journal asks you to write as if writing to your baby. You will share your current feelings, your future hopes for your child, and descriptions of what the world is like now – the era in which they are born. There is space for family history and passing on family values, such as your thoughts on love, religion, and success. There are also simple checklists to record your pregnancy symptoms and space for one picture per trimester. I think of From Pea to Pumpkin as a nice gift to hold onto and present at your child’s 10th birthday to help them continue to develop a sense of self, history, and connection to family (you!).

As you write in From Pea to Pumpkin, it will increase your bond to your developing child. Prenatal bonding is associated with many positive outcomes and is equally important for mother and father. The potential to boost bonding is why I give this journal stars for healthier and prepared for birth. The happiness rating reflects that some readers/writers will really enjoy the journal process. If you feel this tool is a good match for how you bond, I definitely encourage its use!

From Pea to Pumpkin’s Author, Geralyn Broder Murray

Geralyn Broder Murray is a copywriter and creative consultant for advertising agencies. She states on her website that, “I create ads, books and other things that make people happy/buy stuff/do stuff.” She lives with her husband and two children in Northern California.