Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today's Mothers-to-Be

Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today's Mothers-to-Be
  • Book Title: Eating for Pregnancy: The Essential Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for Today's Mothers-to-Be
  • Author:
  • Number of Pages: 496
  • Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
  • Date Published: June 9, 2009
  • ISBN: 0738213527
  • Available on Kindle: Yes

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Fabulous! Eating for Pregnancy is the best pregnancy nutrition book I’ve come across. It is primarily a cook book – and the recipes are great. They are healthy, tasty, avoid processed ingredients, and are realistic in the amount of preparation they require. Each recipe page includes suggested pairings to make a balanced and complete meal, and includes information on what nutrients it provides for you and baby.

In addition to the recipes, Eating for Pregnancy includes introductory and follow-up information that covers everything you need to know about pregnancy-specific nutrition. Because it is so comprehensive, it may feel overwhelming or unobtainable at first, especially for the exhausted pregnant woman. But I encourage you to embrace the book anyhow and take it one manageable step at a time. Eating for Pregnancy goes beyond nutritional advice and offers how-to tips as well such as meal plans and lifestyle supports. It will actually help you create a healthier lifestyle. Recognizing that eating during pregnancy is often hard, the author includes ideas for combating nausea and food aversion.

Eating for Pregnancy includes important topics like how nutrition can help with postpartum depression and what nutrients are needed during breastfeeding. It covers information for preventing or managing specific pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and multiple pregnancies. Exercise is also addressed. Eating for Pregnancy respectfully offers modifications to meet each woman where they are at, whether you have a low BMI or high, are an avid exerciser or lead a sedentary life. Great nutrition has life-long benefits for you and your baby and it’s a journey. This book will be an asset to you no matter where you are on your path towards healthy habits.

Eating for Pregnancy’s Authors, Catherine Jones & Rose Ann Hudson

Catherine Jones graduated with a degree in Psychology before deciding to pursue a career in food. She then graduated from La Varenne Culinary School in France and worked at several restaurants before becoming a freelance food, health, and travel writer. She and her husband live in Bethesda, Maryland with their two children.

Rose Ann Hudson, RD, LD, a perinatal nutritionist and registered dietitian. She is the mother of two daughters and lives with her family in Rockville, Maryland.