Birth is a high-impact event in both your life and your baby’s life. The experience you have giving birth may affect your wellbeing in many ways, including physical health and comfort, self-expression, relationships, and your inner emotional/spiritual life. The period just after birth is also a biologically sensitive period. Here again, your experiences, and your baby’s experiences, will impact you beyond the early days.

At Mara’s World we recognize the impact of birth not as deterministic or fateful, for good or bad, but real and powerful all the same. We want to help maximize the positive potential of birth: increased self-confidence, strong parental behavior, better physical health, and secure babies. We also want to help facilitate holistic healing when birth experience is difficult and leaves anxiety, pain, or confusion, for you or your baby, in its wake. We hope you will find resources here, in our articles and our consulting, that help you make optimal plans and preparations for birth and postpartum, or that provide in-the-moment gems as you need them after your baby is born.