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About Mara

Rosie the Riveter
Rosie the Riveter

Mara is a fictional archetypal woman. She is the granddaughter of Rosie the Riveter, Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl, and women from the Women’s Land Army, who served their country by working in factories and on farms during World War II. Two generations later, Mara displays a modern expression of the “can do” spirit passed from her grandmother to her mother, and now to her. Today, in Mara’s World, women earn more than half of the bachelor degrees, more than half of the masters degrees, and more than half of the doctoral and professional degrees in the United States. Mara is highly educated and is a capable professional. And now she has a baby.

Rosie the Riveter's Granddaughter
Rosie the Riveter’s Granddaughter, Mara

Mara’s World is not about whether Mara returns to work or stays home. Mara’s World is about how she navigates pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood in a way that results in a meaningful, abundant life, and how she provides a foundation for her children that will give them confidence in their worth and their abilities. Mara’s World is about mother love and mother health in the complex world of today’s mom. As an archetype she serves mothers and fathers alike, providing an internally-constructed exemplar of the parent one strives to be.

About the Creators of Mara’s World

We’re Deb and Ross. We are parents of four, and professionals who hope to make a big difference in the lives of many through Mara’s World. We offer articles and planning guides here. We believe that it’s wise to know where you are getting your information, so please check out our credentials below!

Deb Rhizal RN, CD, CCE

Deb RhizalDeb is the mother of four girls born in 2004, 2007, 2012 and 2015. She is also a registered nurse. Deb also holds the following certificates.

  • Certified Birth Doula: DONA International
  • Certified Childbirth Educator: Birthworks International
  • Wellness Coach: Wellcoaches, Inc

Deb also has training in Reiki levels I-III, Zero Balancing level I, and cranial-sacral therapy for the beginning of life. She is currently a nurse-midwife student. Her also has an undergrad degree in environmental justice.

Deb has attended hundreds of births in the capacity of a doula or midwife’s assistant where her focus is on helping birth to physically go well through the emotional and spiritual care a birth attendant can offer, as well as suggestions for how to relax and move ones body during birthing. She has served diverse families at home, in birth centers, and in 14 different hospitals in the midwest.

Deb is also a childbirth educator who has taught childbirth classes in low-income clinics, a birth center for members of the Amish church, and independently as a self-employed childbirth educator where her audience is largely working professionals, and graduate students. She has taught women from all of the major world faiths and many different countries. Deb has learned that birth preparation and birth choices are highly personal and very diverse. She respects a full range choices in birth. She has also learned that birth physiology is ancient and timeless and that the same “practices” support optimal physiological birthing for all women.

Deb is a life-long learner: always reading, always talking with new people. She appreciates insights from peer-reviewed scientific research, and she equally appreciates insights from loving attentive parents and wise men and women. She trusts her both her gut and her brains with her own family, and wants you to trust yours. She believes that there is truth, or at least insight into truth, in ancient wisdom, women’s traditions, diverse cultures, and the clairvoyant, as well as in the scientific method. Deb shares wisdom from a wide array of sources, and tries to let you know what type of source it is so you can focus on those in which you believe.

Deb, together with Ross, is the founder of Mara’s World, and she writes the pregnancy, birth and postpartum articles. She also offers coaching and education by phone or email for pregnant and new parents. Deb says: “I love working with families who say “I want to give my kid the best start possible in life.” or “I want to have a great experience becoming a mom or a dad.” and then helping them figure out how to do that. I believe each person and each family is capable of so much. I want them to clarify what matters most to them, and then help them gain an understanding of how choices and actions contribute to or undermine their truest desires. Its also very satisfying to be an aid in the face of everyday problems like swollen feet or sore nipples.”

Her vision for Mara’s World is to:

  • Encourage more men and women to become passionate about and committed to giving themselves and their families the best.
  • Promote greater recognition of the impact of the primal period and family relationships on life-long wellbeing and global advancement.
  • Be a practical resource for all the little questions and challenges that come along with pregnancy and parenting.
  • Create income doing meaningful and beneficial work.

Ross Rhizal

Ross is a stay-at-home dad extraordinaire and co-founder of Mara’s World. He doesn’t write articles (though he could!), but is the man who polishes them up and puts them online: editing, creating and maintaining the site, spreading the word, and more.

Deb and Ross live in a lovely little home surrounded by elementary art projects, ukulele tunes, and language lessons because of his spirited parenting. He is also the reason Deb can enjoy motherhood, full-time school, and a job all at the same time. He keeps our life together!

Ross’s undergrad degree was in Bible, Religion and Philosophy, and he went on to become a licensed electrician. After a few years running Rhizal Electric he trained as a professional kinesiology practitioner and dabbled in natural and esoteric healing. He learned web design when Deb needed a site for her local doula work, and has now built Mara’s World. He fixes cars, and remodels homes. You could call him a jack-of-all-trades.

Why We Do It

Deb and Ross believe in the importance of the topics represented on Mara’s World. We are passionate about promoting loving conscious care for babies and children, and we think that parental wellbeing is key to the process as well as important in its own right. Mara’s World is a work of the heart.

We live in the age of information overload. Why another web site about birth and parenting?

  • We strongly believe in women’s, men’s, and baby’s rights to a happier, more powerful, healthy start to life together!
  • We believe that positive early life experiences in the womb, during birth, as an infant, and throughout the early years have life-long benefits.
  • We believe that parenting together is a high impact event in a couple’s journey.
  • We believe we can make a difference, for you, through what we offer here!

Too often birth is becoming a burden at best, and often a disempowering or fearful event.

  • We believe birth should be a time of stepping into your own strength, becoming confident of your own intuition, and a time of falling in love.

Too often parents are discredited and under-valued.

  • We believe in both your right, and the importance, of putting your family and your wellbeing first no matter where you work or what you do.

Too often babies are overlooked, or misunderstood, under cared for, disrespected and exposed to harmful stimuli and substances during their delicate developmental years.

  • We believe babies are sensitive, receptive people who are forming the fundamentals of their understanding of the world. We believe that a happy, healthy babyhood sets a foundation for a wonderful life.

We also make a living through Mara’s World.

We make money through the products recommended on this site and from advertising revenue, making it possible to continue providing free articles through Mara’s World.

If this site has been helpful to you and you don’t need more stuff or consulting advice, please consider supporting us with a thank you donation.